Ultimate Bullfighting World Finals to Be Held in Fort Worth

December is a time of celebration. As such, it is fitting that Fort Worth’s Cowtown Coliseum is set to host the Ultimate Bullfighting World Finals in December 2023. The event will consist of six days situated over not one but two weekends. Interested individuals should clear their schedules on December 7 to 9 and December 14 to 16. The prestige of becoming the World Champion will be paired with $150,000 in prize money. Thanks to that, interested individuals can expect the contenders to bring nothing but their best to the ring.

Expect a Celebration of Freestyle Bullfighting

Some people might be confused by this news. After all, bullfighting tends to be associated with Spain and other predominantly Spanish-speaking countries. As a result, holding something called the Ultimate Bullfighting World Finals in Fort Worth is the kind of news that can raise eyebrows. However, interested individuals should know that the event will see contenders compete in freestyle bullfighting rather than its traditional counterpart.

Those curious might find it enlightening to learn that freestyle bullfighting traces its origins to the antics of rodeo clowns. Bulls are formidable animals. Due to this, rodeo clowns play a vital role in protecting thrown bull-riders by distracting the erstwhile mounts while the latter scramble to safety. It isn’t hard to see why this would encourage people to develop respect for rodeo clowns, considering the danger they expose themselves to while carrying out their duties. This has led to rodeo clowns becoming major attractions themselves. On top of that, this has led to the establishment of organized freestyle bullfighting as a way for people to show their skills in independent events.

Contenders are expected to face fighting bulls for 60 seconds. They aren’t judged based on their ability to hurt the animals. Instead, they earn points based on their acrobatics, courage in nearing the bull, and skill in doing the latter without being struck. The event has progressive eliminations, thus ensuring that it will become more and more heated as the remaining contenders are whittled down to the final few.

In total, there will be 24 freestyle bullfighters showing for the event. However, some stand out more than others. For instance, Chance Moorman won the event in 2020 and 2022. Similarly, Knox Dunn was the one who walked away with the accolades of victory in 2021. Besides them, many are keeping a watchful eye on Broc Bowman because he was considered the Rookie of the Year in 2022. Still, freestyle bullfighting is an unpredictable sport, meaning someone surprising could surge to the fore.

Further Considerations

Interested individuals should get their tickets sooner rather than later. They can do so in person at the Cowtown Coliseum Box Office. Alternatively, there is the option of buying online through AXS.com. Tickets start at $35. Select seats are available to seniors at $30 and children from the ages of 2 to 13 at $15.

The event will start with the contenders competing in groups of three on the first two nights. Subsequently, the winners of each group and the four runners-up will advance to the third night, where they will compete in groups of three once again. The winners gain automatic entry to the final on December 16. Meanwhile, the rest will compete in the Redemption Round and the Wildcard Round to participate in the finals. This format means interested individuals can expect plenty of twists and turns.

photo courtesy of Bull Stock Media 

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