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At, we prioritize your privacy and aim to ensure a secure and enjoyable online experience by valuing and cherishing the intellectual property rights of others. In compliance with the DMCA, we professionally address copyright claims by employing the necessary actions at our disposal. We act on this issue swiftly upon receiving a notice of the infringed copyright allegations. privacy policy encompasses various measures .This includes but is not limited to removing the disputed content and terminating access to copyrighted materials.

Suspecting that or a third party has violated your intellectual property rights? Don’t fret because we are here with another treat. Kindly provide the following details to our esteemed copyright agent:

  • The intellectual property or a detailed work that you believe has been infringed.
  • Precise information that shows the location of the material or content in question on our website.
  • Your contact details include a telephone number, address, and email address. Providing an alternative email is also a plus for the alleged infringing party to contact you if not
  • A declaration demonstrating your honest belief that the material usage is unwarranted by the intellectual property owner, its agent, by law, or copyright.
  • A declaration attesting to the accuracy of the information in your notice. This shall be under the penalty of perjury, confirming that you are the intellectual property owner or copyright owner.
  • Your signature, either physical or electronic.

At, we know no bounds in matters of copyrights, and in that case, we might ask for more details prior to deleting anything that seems to break the rules. If we do remove something, we’ll signal the person responsive for copyrights and share your email with them if they need to talk to you.

So, if you have any issue on matters, copyrights, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Copyright Agent or email us using the email below: