The National Finals Rodeo is a professional rodeo event where participants showcase their talents competing for the top PRCA’s 15 awards. The NFR events usually take place at the Thomas and Mack Center since 1985. This year the event is scheduled from December 7th to December 16th. If you are looking to attend the event, here are some NFR 2023 Ticket FAQs compared to the nfr tickets for sale 2022 frequently asked questions:

What are the prices of NFR tickets?

The 2023 general public nfr tickets for sale prices vary from Individual, 4 Day Pack, 6 Day Pack, and  Access ONLY basis. The Individual plan goes for $95, 4-day pack for $380, $570 for the 6-day pack, and the NFR access only for $70.

What is the “NFR Access only”?

The NFR access ticket only provides entry into the Thomas and Mack Center without a seat. It does not limit the fun to be encountered as the attendants can engage in the NFR Bull ‘N Barrel Saloon, Cowboy Corral, ProRodeo zone, Cowboy Channel bar, and also follow the rodeo on their TV screens in specified areas.

Where and how to purchase tickets?

General public tickets can be bought through nfrexperience.evenue.net , UNLVtickets outlets, Las Vegas Events, or via nfr tickets stubhub the official fan to fan page of the NFR. The tickets are bought as packages: single packages, mini packages and nfr access only at 12:00pm (PT) on Friday, August 25th. The mini packages contain the last six events or the first four events and may not be indicated the certain dates. The StubHub will not have a booth at the Cowboy Christmas, hence all attendees are humbly asked to buy their tickets at www.StubHub.com.

What are the prices of NFR Season tickets?

The NFR Season tickets pricing vary from the balcony, plaza, and gold buckle. The Balcony season prices are $850, 4pk for $340, and $510 for 6pk. The plaza season ticket price is $1200 and $3000 for the gold buckle.

When do you renew your season tickets?

Season tickets can be renewed between the months of March and May each year. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to renew their subscription, as it is not automatic. In case you do not get your ticket invoice by the starting of April; kindly seek assistance from the LVE ticket office.

How and when are tickets disbursed?

Tickets are shipped out through USPS and FedEx at the start of October each year. Clients from U.S. with a postal address with the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office will receive their tickets via United States Postal Services while Canadian clients will sent via USPS. Please notify the Las Vegas Events Ticket Office if you don’t get your tickets by 15th October.

Can I update my ticket address information?

Updating of one’s contact details or shipping address, one is required to sign and complete the(COI) Change Of Information form. Having the up-to-date contact details ensures effective communication and tracking of the progress of your products and services. August, 1st marks the deadline date to update your information to facilitate adequate time for the shipment of tickets.

Who can I Will or transfer my season tickets to?

NFR contains a policy where one can transfer or will his/her season ticket only to their immediate family member, with a maximum number of 2 people whose names are considered to be the account holders on record at all times. Remember, this transfer can only be valid after signing and completing the Change of Information form.

Where to purchase joint hotel and ticket packages?

The NFR hotel and ticket packages may be purchased on www.fuseexperiences.com. These bundled packages are offered in clusters and dates such as: starting weekend events from 7th to 9th December, mid-week events from 10th to 12th, and the closing events from 13th to 16th December.

What is the age limit to need a ticket?

All attendants above 3 years are required to provide a ticket, as children under this age can sit on the guardian or parent’s lap.

Are there extra charges after purchasing a ticket?

There are no extra charges accompanied after buying an NFR ticket unless in two instances which include; where the client has bought the nfr access only which allows entry only and may need extra services or during the loss of one’s ticket. The attendee will face a small charge fee for the tickets reprinting and photo evidence is required to prove ownership.

How to avoid scammers?

Purchasing of tickets from these approved platforms such as nfrexperience.evenue.net, StubHub, UNLVticket Outlets, and Las Vegas Events is the most accurate method to avoid fraudsters. Complaints on purchase from these sources only will be considered.


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